Lamamra DohaDOHA (Qatar) -Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ramtane Lamamra, affirmed Thursday in Doha that the Arab States of the Gulf represent an essential plank in Algeria’s efforts to building mutually beneficial partnerships.

Lamamra said during a press briefing held at the Algerian embassy in Doha that "these countries (Arab countries in the Gulf) represent for Algeria an important part in its efforts to establish mutually profitable strategic partnerships, based on mutual trust and balanceed interests, in accordance with the guidelines of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and the leaders of the region countries."

He added that the ongoing dynamics are promising.

The State Minister mentioned ambitious industrial projects that are going beyond commercial exchanges alone. The top Algerian diplomat described the presence of many senior Algerian officials in different levels of the region peoples’ life as a "human bridge of great value," enhancing the nature of the bilateral relations.

Regarding the possible accession of Morocco to the African Union membership, Lamamra said that Algeria is naturally attached to the texts ruling the Continental Organization. He added that Morocco would be welcome as the fifty-fifth member of the African Union, with the same rights and duties as the 54 remaining members.

The foreign minister, while speaking about the conflicts in the Arab countries, affirmed that the joint Arab action must take up the challenge for just and lasting solutions that will ensure the peoples’ willingness.

Asked about the Arab peoples’ expectations from the Algerian initiatives for mediation in a bid to achieve peaceful solutions, Lamamra stressed that Algeria fully assumes the duty of good will and proposal that characterizes the national diplomatic style since the struggle for national liberation.

He pointed out that mediation and other diplomatic initiatives that have been successful are the result of collective work.

The Minister of State also highlighted the excellent coordination between Algeria and Qatar with regard to the joint effort to re-establish a united OPEC member countries action. He welcomed the success of the OPEC Ministerial Meeting held last September in Algiers and the positive role played by Qatar.

APS, 25/ 11/2006