Dz children right studyAlgeria ranks first among Arab countries in the protection of children's rights and compliance with international conventions and laws, according to a study conducted by the Algerian High School of Magistrates in collaboration with Sweden's human rights Institute Wallenberg.


During a meeting on achievements of the MENA regional program on compliance with international human rights standards in the national legal system held in Amman, Pr Yakout Akroune, who is a member in the working group, stated that the study, which lasted more than two years, showed that Algeria ensures maximum protection of human children's' rights in accordance with international criteria.

Akroune recalled the Constitutional Council's decision in 1989 that underscores" the importance of insisting upon international standards in human rights, particularly children's rights over internal laws in case of contradictions."

She affirmed Algeria's commitment to the implementation of international conventions and treaties on human rights.

"Algeria has always been among the first countries that ratify and implement conventions and treaties on human rights. It ranks first in compliance with international criteria relating to human rights in the national legal system," she stressed.

APS, 19/12/2016