revision de la constitutionALGIRES- The revision of the Constitution, which celebrates Tuesday its first anniversary, is the culmination of the political reform process, initiated by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, with the main objective the consolidation of the rule of law, the establishment of democracy and the strengthening of the national unity.

Adopted by the Parliament on 7 February 2016, the country’s new fundamental law, the fruit of broad consultations with the political parties and national personalities since 2011, aims also at improving the organization and functioning of some institutions of the Republic.

Concerning the consolidation of the national unity, the amended Constitution has particularly made from Tamazight a national and official language with the creation of the Algerian Academy of Tamazight, under President of the Republic.

To strengthen democracy, the Constitution stipulates that the democratic change in power through elections will be reinforced through the re-election of President of the Republic only once. This provision is excluded from all the Constitutional revision.

In this regard and concerning the strengthening of democratic liberties, the Constitution affirms that the freedom of peaceful demonstrations and freedom of press are guaranteed, as well as the right of access to information and data.

The place of the opposition has also been strengthened in the new Constitution, which stipulates notably that the parliamentary opposition will, from now on, ask the constitutional Council on the laws voted by the Parliament.

APS, 06/02/2017