LowerhouseFirstPlenarySessionALGIERS – The new People’s National Assembly (APN-Lower House), which has been elected on 4 May elections held Tuesday in Algiers its first plenary session, under the 8th term of the Parliament.

The session is chaired by the older deputy, Said Bouhedja, aided by the two youngest ones.

Duting the plenary session, the Lower House is to constitute a twenty-member committee for the validation of terms.

Later and in conformity with the Constitution, the People’s National Assembly will elect its Bureau and its Speaker, and form the committees.

Bouhedja, the proposed candidate for President (of the Lower House) by his party, the National Liberation Front (FLN), which won the largest number of seats 161, is supported by the National Democratic Rally (RND, 100 seats) and the Tajamoue Amel Jazair party (TAJ, 20 seats).

The People’s National Assembly counts 462 deputies, including 121 women representing 35 political parties and independent lists.

APS, 23/05/2017