Tebboune SermentALGIERS - Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Thursday has taken oath the newly elected President of the Republic. With President Tebboune sworn-in, the constitutional legitimacy is restored and the course towards building the "New Republic" and meeting the "deep aspirations" of the people is charted.

In a speech delivered following the swearing-in ceremony, in the presence of representatives of all the State institutions, Tebboune outlined the main lines of the programme he plans to execute without delay, given the "sensitive" situation.
The President hailed "national momentum" the Algerian people demonstrated during the December 12th Presidential election, preventing to jeopardize the continuity of the State. He also praised the "crucial role" assumed by the People’s National Army in defending the national sovereignty, safeguarding the country’s stability and supporting the Hirak (the popular movement born on February 22nd).

President Tebboune called for unity, whatever the differences, and combine efforts to build the "new Republic, strong and respected," on the basis of principles of November 54 Revolution which is "our referent."
In view of the advent of this New Republic, Tebboune stressed that Algeria needs to establish priorities.
In this context, he affirmed that the State will be attentive to the "deep aspirations" of the people, in particular for a "new method of governance, the Rule-of-Law state, social justice and democratic freedoms."n order to take up the challenges that arose, Tebboune deems necessary to go beyond the current situation, noting, in this regard, that the people's confidence in the State’s institutions must be restored.

Among the points on his roadmap, the President of the Republic cited the "organized" fight against corruption and the "anarchic" spirit of distribution of revenues.
Reiterating his commitments he has taken during the electoral campaign, the president of the Republic mentioned the amendment of the Constitution which main lines will be limiting the renewal of the presidential term once, the reduction of the President prerogatives to prevent autocratic excesses, the separation and balance of powers and the protection of human rights, individual, collective freedoms, freedom of press and demonstration.
The Head of State also sets priority to moralizing the political life and restoring the credibility to elected institutions through the revision of the electoral law, including the conditions relating to eligibility.
In the sector of economy, the head of the State announced the overhaul of the tax system and the promotion of renewable energy.
He addressed a "sincere" call to businessmen and business leaders to "forcefully" invest to develop and diversify the economy, conforming his full support.
Referring to foreign policy, the President of the Republic said that it should be in accordance with the interests of Algeria, which will have relations of friendship and cooperation with all the countries with which it has diplomatic relations.
Regarding Western Sahara conflict, Tebboune affirmed that it was a question of decolonization which should be resolved by the United Nations, insisting on the need for the Maghreb countries to develop their relations of cooperation.
Broaching the situation in Libya, he said that Algeria, "attached" to the stability of this country, will not accept to be kept out of the settlement process.
At the end of his speech and as a symbol of the new era which is beginning, Tebboune requested that his office is no longer associated with the word "Fakhamatouhou" (His Excellency) previously used to refer to the former President.

                                                                                                                                           APS, December 19th 2019