revision de la constitutionALGIERS- The bill on the constitutional revision, promulgated Sunday by the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has been published Monday, 07 March 2016, in the official Journal.

The amended Constitution has been adopted on 7 February by Parliament, in its two Houses.

In its provisions, the amended Constitution which aims at preserving peace, justice and human rights, ensures "separation of powers, independence of justice as well as legal protection and the control of public authorities action, in a society where reigns equality and self-development of the human person in all its aspects." The amended Constitution is "a new step towards the consolidation of democracy in Algeria".
The new Constitution stipulates that the Algerian people "remain attached to its choices for the elimination of social inequalities and regional disparities."
The "people work for building productive and competitive economy as part of sustainable development and the preservation of the environment," the text states.
Read here the key points of the draft Revision of the Constitution, made public on 05 January 2016.

APS, 07 March 2016