revision de la constitutionORAN (Algeria)- The amended Constitution is a new step towards the consolidation of democracy in Algeria, said Sunday President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika .

In a message on the International Workers' Day red on his behalf by the adviser at the Presidency of the Republic, Mohamed Benamar Zerhouni, President Bouteflika underlined that this "political achievement (the amended Constitution) is a new step towards the consolidation of democracy and the components of our identity and our model of development."

He added that the constitutional revision "allowed adapting the country's Constitution to the changes that occurred within our society and to the new challenges resulting from the deep changes worldwide."
The amended Constitution will also help Algeria to achieve the process of political reforms initiated over the past years, by continuing to strengthen the rule of law, justice, political pluralism, rights of opposition and democratic alternation, and to protect citizens' rights and freedoms," said the Head of State.
"The amended Constitution provides for substantive guarantees regarding the State's commitment to preserving its social choices," added President Bouteflika.

APS, 01 May 2016