Lamamra Human Right CouncilGENEVA-The Constitution amended on last 7 February is aimed at preserving peace, social justice and respect for human rights, Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ramtane Lamamra affirmed Tuesday in Geneva.

"Amendments to Constitution brought answers , through clear choices, in favour of the preservation of peace, the promotion of social justice and democratic values, as well as respect for human rights, the reduction of poverty and disparities, in addition to establishing a competitive green economy," the Minister affirmed at the High level segment of the 31st ordinary session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (CDH).

Besides, the Algerian official recalled that the Constitutional revision "culminates a long process of reforms launched by president of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika meant to strengthen rule of law, consolidate participative democracy and democratic freedoms."

"This result translates several developments in some sensitive fields, like information, associations, representation of women in elected bodies, electoral system and management of local assemblies," the minister added.

"The legal system strengthening human rights and democratic freedoms has been enriched trough the adoption of a law on childhood, a low criminating violence against women and genuine amendments to the Criminal code, barometer of respect for individual freedoms, that strengthen the rights of persons subject to trial and decriminalization of the managing act," he added.

In this regard, Lamamra added that the amended Constitution is also meant to "consolidate the advantages of these reforms as part of a national democratic and inclusive governance, in tune with the developments and changes of the Algerian society," Lamamra stated.

"Amendments to the Constitution are meant to translate on the ground a strong determination to meet Algerians' expectations in an environment marked by peace and national reconciliation, as part of the respect for freedoms and law of the Republic", he stressed.

The revised Constitution has given "additional prerogatives" to the Parliament through new tools like an inquiry enquiry commission and an information missions, so as it plays a monitoring role of the executive power."

APS, 01 March 2016