BedouiALGIERS - Noureddine Bedoui on Tuesday has taken office Tuesday as Prime Minister, in a ceremony of transfer of power, with his predecessors, Ahmed Ouyahia, at the Palace of Government in Algiers.

In a statement to the press following the ceremony, Bedoui expressed recognition to President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika for the trust he placed in him, pledging to "work tirelessly to live up to this trust."

The Prime Minister, who gave a "glowing tribute" to Ouyahia, praised "the efforts he made for Algeria."

Ouyahia thanked President Bouteflika for the trust he placed in him, expressing his recognition of President of the Republic's "unwavering support" throughout his mission as Prime Minister.

Congratulating the new Prime Minister for the trust placed in him, Ouyahia wished him success in his job, stressing that "Bedoui's long career needs no introduction."

"I had the honor to work with him for 20 months."

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