Tebboune PrsidentALGIERS - President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune conducted on Tuesday June 23rd a cabinet reshuffle.

 Here are the members of the new government led by Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, namely:
1. Sabri Boukadoum: Foreign Minister.
2. -Kamel Beldjoud: Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning.
3. Belkacem Zeghmati: Minister of Justice.
4. Aymen Benabderahmane: Minister of Finance.
5. Abdelmadjid Attar: Minister of Energy.
6. Chems-Eddine Chitour: Minister for Energy Transition and Renewable Energy.
7. Tayeb Zitouni: Minister of Mujahideen and Right-Holders.
8. Youcef Belmehdi: Minister of Religious Affairs and Awqaf.
9. Mohamed Ouadjaout: Minister of National Education.
10. Abdelbaqi Benziane: Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
11. Hoyam Benfriha: Minister of Vocational Training and Education.
12. Malika Bendouda: Minister of Culture and Arts.
13. Sid Ali Khaldi: Minister of Youth and Sports.
14. Mounir Khaled Berrah: Minister for Digitization and Statistics.
15. Brahim Boumzar: Minister of Post and Telecommunications.
16. Kaoutar Krikou: Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women's Issues.
17. Ferhat Aït Ali Braham: Minister of Industry and Mining.
18. Mohamed Arkab: Minister for mining sector.
19. Abdelhamid Hamdane: Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.
20. Kamel Nasri: Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and the City.
21. Kamel Rezig Minister of Commerce.
22. Ammar Belhimer: Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government.
23. Farouk Chiali: Minister of Public Works.
24. Lazhar Hani: Minister of Transport.
25. Arezki Berraki :Minister of Water Resources.
26. Mohamed Hamidou: Minister of Tourism, Craft Industry and Family Work.
27. Abderrahmane Benbouzid: Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform.
28. Ahmed Chawki Fouad Acheuk Youcef: Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security
29. Bessma Azouar: Minister of Relations with Parliament.
30. Nassira Benharrats: Minister of Environment.
31. Sid Ahmed Ferroukhi: Minister of Fisheries and Fish Production.
32. Abderrahmane Lotfi Djamel Benbahmad: deputy Minister for Pharmaceutical Industry.
33. Mohamed Cherif Belmihoub : deputy Minister of Statistics and Forward Planning.
34. Nassim Diafat: deputy Minister for Micro-companies.
35. Yacine Oualid: deputy Minister for Knowledge Economy and Startups.
36. Samir Chaabana: deputy Minister for National Community and Experts Abroad.
37. Aïssa Bekkai: deputy Minister for Foreign Trade.
38. Hamza Al Sid Cheikh: deputy Minister for Sahara Environment.
39. Salima Souakri Secretary of State for Elite Sport.
40. Bachir Youcef Sehairi: Secretary of State for Film Industry.

                                                                                                                                        APS, June 23rd 2020