Through its network, the National Agency for Investment Development (ANDI) supports foreign operators in their search for partners and projects in Algeria at a central and local level.

The agency currently has a network of 27 one-stop services across the country which help investors to complete the formalities involved in setting up businesses and implementing investment projects and facilitate their access to technical and regulatory information, as well as monitoring projects. The agency is the ideal intermediary for all investment opportunities in Algeria.

In this regard and in order to encourage and facilitate foreign investment in Algeria and enable Algerian operators to find foreign partners and vice versa, the National Agency for Investment Development (ANDI) has setup a partnership clearing-house, to be used as a tool for liaison between Algerian operators and foreigners. It comprises a database which enables the two parties to find business contacts and implement partnership activities, in conformity with the 51-49% requirement.

Thus, foreign investors interested in investing in Algeria will have the opportunity to research the projects submitted to the partnership clearing-house, which will give them an idea of the investment proposals from local operators. In addition, through this mechanism, Algerian operators will be able to find foreign business partners more easily to whom they have previously submitted their project ideas.

Projects can be registered in the framework of the partnership clearing-house by sending an email to the following address: .

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