To open a liaison office in Algeria, applications must contain the following documents:

  1. a detailed letter of request for the attention of the Ministry of Commerce - Directorate General for Regulation and Activities Organisation (Ministère du Commerce- Direction Générale de la Régulation et de l’Organisation des Activités; 
  2. an application form provided by the relevant department at the Ministry of Commerce; 
  3. a bank certificate confirming the opening of a foreign currency account in convertible Algerian Dinars (CEDAC) from a commercial bank; 
  4. a certificate of deposit of 20.000 USD from a commercial bank; 
  5. the acknowledgment receipt relating to the payment of the registration fee of 100.000 DA to the collector of various contributions (Contributions Diverses), and that, in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Law No. 01/21, dated December 22, 2001 of the Finance Act for 2002; 
  6. a copy of the parent company statutes; 
  7. letter of appointment of the Director of the liaison office, his/her CV and a copy of his/her passport; 
  8. all documents supporting the existence of the premises home to the liaison office.