MIgration ConferenceALGIERS – Investment, employment and the African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 represented the focal topics detailed during the 2nd International Conference of the African NGOs members of the UN ECOSOC, held in Algiers under the theme "Involving Africa to counter migration crisis "

The Conference which brought together 300 participants from 30 African countries was intended to set the framework for African mechanism in charge of combating migration issue.

After three days of proceedings, the Conference which wrapped up on Wednesday issued a series of recommendations mainly focused on the need to create the "political and social conditions" enabling the fight against the illegal migration, skills drain and capital flight.

Both the African Parliament of Civil Society and the African NGOs called for "encouraging targeted investments to create jobs, boost innovation and sustainable inclusive industrialization for the benefit of young people and women."

Renewing their commitment to the African Union (AU) which, they said, "embodies the ideals of civil society and solidarity," the participants in the Algiers conference agreed to act together as strength of proposal and indispensable partner in the construction of Africa.”

They also committed "to actively contribute to implementing the AU Agenda 2063 and to relentlessly endeavouring to reinforce the bonds of friendship and solidarity between the African civil society officials."

All the representatives of African NGOs, participating in the Conference, agreed that the solution to the migration crisis must emanate from Africans, rejecting the solutions proposed by the European Union based on the creation of illegal migrant detention centers, border closures and expulsion measures, "often in disregard of the most fundamental rights."

Researchers and experts from several African countries have stressed that African migrants are not a threat to Europe, denouncing that some describe those people in distress as "danger" and "a source of concern."

Out of a total of 36 million African immigrants identified by the UN, 29 million Africans emigrate within the continent, while those who have crossed the African border do not exceed seven (7) million (20%), of which 5.5 million works in Europe as doctors, engineers, students and other professional workers.

                                                                                                                                          APS, november 22nd 2018