ALGIERS- The Constitution amended in February 2016 is available in Tamazight in paper and digital formats, thanks the translation provided by the High Council of Amazighity (HCA).

This version transcribed into Latin characters will be available online on the websites of HCA and the Algerian news agency APS ( in its section "The multimedia books of APS.".
The 45 page-translated document, Tamendawt (Constitution in Tamazight), covers 218 articles, divided into 4 titles and 11 chapters of the State’s fundamental text, adopted in February 2016 by the Parliament’s two chambers.
The amended Constitution stipulates in its fourth article that Tamazight is also a national and official language and that the State works for its promotion and development in all its linguistic varieties which are used throughout the national territory.
It is expected, as part of the promotion of this language, to create an Algerian Academy of Tamazight language which will be placed under the authority of President of the Republic. It will rely on the works of experts and will be responsible for providing the conditions aimed at promoting Tamazight.
In a message on the occasion of the celebration of Yaoum El Ilm (Day of Knowledge), observed every year on 16 April, President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika affirmed that “Tamazight promoted in 2002 as national language and institutionalized, thanks to the recent revision of the Constitution, a national official language, will find, as a fundamental component of our national identity, its natural place with Islam and Arabian identity.”

APS - 11 May 2016