From 05 to 07 September 2022
(Algiers, Algeria)

You are foreign supplier of industrial equipment and products necessary for the activities of micro-enterprises in all sectors of activity;

You are invited to participate with more than 800 Micro-enterprises and Start-ups at the first Edition of the INTERNATIONAL MICRO-ENTERPRISE EXHIBITION 
from 05 to 07 September 2022 at the Exhibition Center, Pins Maritimes (Algiers/Algeria) ;

The International Micro-Enterprise Exhibition is part of the new economic trends targeted by the Algerian Government for the development of the national economy and the creation of wealth;
This economic event constitutes a good opportunity to meet different actors in the field of development of micro-enterprises and startups in different fields of activity.

 Targeted sectors:

Agri-food industry, Processing and manufacturing industry, Agriculture, Textiles and Clothing, Animal husbandry equipment, Renewable energies; Pharmaceutical and Para pharmaceutical industry, fishing and aquaculture equipment, waste treatment, mechanics, plastics and digital industry.


You will be in an opportune environment for business networking:

  • Massive presence of Algerian micro-enterprises and start-ups;
  • Presence of professional businessmen and foreign and national visitors etc.

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