Economic Institutions :
Official Journal
Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CACI
National Centre of Trade Register
General Office of Customs
General Office of Taxes
National Office for Statistics
Public Establishment of Town planning of the new city of Sidi Abdellah
ANSEJ National Agency for young people employment support
ALGEX National Agency for export promotion

Financial Institutions :
Bank of Algeria
BADR Algerian Bank for Rural Development
CPA Algerian Popular Credit
BEA Exterior Bank of Algeria
FGAR Guarantee Fund for SME
CAGEX Algerian Fund for exports
National Society of leasing

State’s Companies of participations :   
CABELEQ Cables and electric equipments industry
CEGRO Cereal
COJUB Drink, juice and canned food
CONSTRUMET Metallic constructions
DIPREST Diverse services
EQUIPAG Agricultural and industrial equipments
ERGTHY hydraulic works
FIDBER Land Transports
GENEST Surveys and Engineering
GEPHAC Chemistry and pharmacy
GESTOUR Tourism and hotel business
GESTRAMAR Maritimes transport
GICA Cement Industries
IM Manufacturing Industry
INDELEC Electro-domestic Industries
INDJAB Realisation and Buildings
IPRS Sanitary and red products Industry
PRODA Animals Productions
SGDA Farming development
SGP CENTRE Centre Local companies (divers activities)
SGP EST / SUD EST East Local companies (divers activities)
SGP OUEST West Local companies (divers activities)
SINTRA Public Works
TRAGRAL Agro-food transformation
TRANSLOB Steel transformation

Companies :  
Designation Web site
SONATRACH National Company of hydrocarbons transformation, transport and marketing
SONELGAZ National Company of Power and gas
Air Algeria
SNTF railway transport company
ENTMV maritime transport Company
Saidal medicines group