The Ministry of Tourism and Crafts and the World Trade Center Algiers organize the 21st edition of the International Tourism and Travel Fair. This new edition is being held at a special time in our country as it aims to highlight the initiatives developed in Algeria in the tourism sector.

The International Tourism and Travel (SITEV); an ultimate trade fair and public exhibition, has undoubtedly been the major tourism event in Algeria for the past 20 years. It comes back after two years of absence due to the covid pandemic, from 29 September, to October, 2nd 2022 at SAFEX - Algiers. it is organized by the ministry of tourism and crafts in partnership with the world trade center Algiers.

A true showcase of the Algerian destination, and an essential business forum, this event registers more than 500 participants and attracts thousands of visitors, looking for holiday opportunities, travel, business and investment in the various sectors of the tourism industry.

In addition, this show attracts more and more foreign participants, who believe in the ability of the destination Algeria to position itself sustainably in the international travel markets.

It is also a great celebration, which allows the general public to enjoy a diverse and enriching animation program, and a space for sharing experiences and exchange of information that are proposed to develop, the various thematic workshops and meetings for professionals.

All these elements militate in our opinion in favor of an active participation of your company in this major event, whose impact can only be positive, underlining, that SITEV will be the subject of intensive and dynamic media coverage, of which each participant will be the key actor.

After these two trying years for tourism activity in general, this show is for you a real opportunity to relaunch, visibility and positioning in a changing market.

We are available to accompany you to make your participation a resounding success.

all information regarding the event and registration form are available here


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نظرا لرفع الإجراءات الوقائية المتخذة من طرف السلطات النرويجية، تعلم سفارة الجزائر بأوسلو أعضاء الجالية الوطنية المقيمين بمملكة النرويج أن أيام الإستقبال فيما يخص الخدمات القنصلية تكون يومي الثلاثاء والخميس من 9 سا و30 دقيقة                 الى 12 سا و30 دقيقة.

ماعدا فيما يخص مرحلة البيانات البيومترية (البصمات+ الصورة + الإمضاء) الخاصة بطلب او تجديد جواز السفر، التي تتم من خلال حجز موعد مسبق.


From 05 to 07 September 2022
(Algiers, Algeria)

You are foreign supplier of industrial equipment and products necessary for the activities of micro-enterprises in all sectors of activity;

You are invited to participate with more than 800 Micro-enterprises and Start-ups at the first Edition of the INTERNATIONAL MICRO-ENTERPRISE EXHIBITION 
from 05 to 07 September 2022 at the Exhibition Center, Pins Maritimes (Algiers/Algeria) ;

The International Micro-Enterprise Exhibition is part of the new economic trends targeted by the Algerian Government for the development of the national economy and the creation of wealth;
This economic event constitutes a good opportunity to meet different actors in the field of development of micro-enterprises and startups in different fields of activity.

 Targeted sectors:

Agri-food industry, Processing and manufacturing industry, Agriculture, Textiles and Clothing, Animal husbandry equipment, Renewable energies; Pharmaceutical and Para pharmaceutical industry, fishing and aquaculture equipment, waste treatment, mechanics, plastics and digital industry.


You will be in an opportune environment for business networking:

  • Massive presence of Algerian micro-enterprises and start-ups;
  • Presence of professional businessmen and foreign and national visitors etc.

Do not hesitate to register now, by filling in the form below:

You are a FOREIGN SUPPLIER Register here



تعلم سفارة الجزائر بأوسلو أعضاء الجالية الوطنية المقيمين بمملكة النرويج أن وزارة الشؤون الدينية والأوقاف تعتزم تنظيم سلسلة من الدروس في المساجد والمدارس القرآنية، تشمل حفظ ما تيسر من القرآن الكريم وتعلم اللغة العربية والامازيغية والتعرف على تاريخ وثقافة البلاد، وتدعو الراغبين في مزاولة هذه الدروس إلى التواصل مع مديريات الشؤون الدينية بالولايات التي سيقضون بها عطلتهم الصيفية من أجل توجيههم إلى المساجد والمدارس القرآنية المخصصة لذلك.